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Turn any plain pillar candle holder into a striking arrangement for
your wedding reception in just an hour with these easy-to-follow instructions.

                          Baby's breath , 3 stems
                          Candle, taper, 12 inches, color to coordinate
                          Candleholder, pillar
                          Fern , 1 bush
                          Floral foam
                          Floral picks , 3 inch
                          Glue gun
                          Glue sticks
                          Lilacs , 4 stems
                          Paddle wire
                          Plastic candle cup
                          Ribbon, 1 inch, wired , 5 yards
                          Roses, large , 2
                          Roses, medium , 4
                          Roses, small , 3
                          Sheet moss
                          Wire cutters

                     Cost of each project will vary depending on materials used.

1.Trim a piece of floral foam to the size of the pillar holder. Glue in place, and then wire
 around the foam and holder with paddle wire.

2.Cover foam with sheet moss, using pieces that are as large as possible. 
Hold moss in place with s-pins or hot glue.

3.Establish the line of the arrangement with fern stems, as shown. Insert a plastic candle
holder in the top center of the arrangement. Remember to keep this holder clear of
obstructions as you build the arrangement.

4.Add focus flowers, following the line that has been established. Use large ivory roses at the
center of the arrangement, with smaller roses toward the outer edges. Add lilac at the top
and bottom of the curves. Fill with leaves and greenery from stems.

5.Tie two soft multi loop bows with no tails from the ribbon, and wire them to floral picks.
 Insert into the arrangement as shown. Wire straight pieces of ribbon to floral picks. Insert
into arrangement and weave through flowers and leaves, bending into shape.
 6.Turn the arrangement around and fill the back side with any 
remaining flowers and greenery.

7.Clip sprigs of baby's breath and scatter through arrangement. Insert candle into holder.
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