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A few candles, a clay pot or two, some paint, some ribbon, and
voila! A trio of candles to warm the heart of any crafter. If you
get the urge, paint and beribbon just one more pot, and plant a
trailing ivy to make a handsome grouping for a table needing a pick-me-up.

                          Americana Acrylics®, Baby Pink
                          Americana Acrylics®, Black Plum
                          Americana Acrylics®, Buttermilk
                          Americana Acrylics®, Country Blue
                          Americana Acrylics®, Hauser Medium Green
                          Americana Acrylics®, Pansy Lavender
                          Candle Painting Medium
                          Easy Cling Brush Pouncer
                          Paint Writer
                          Paintbrush, Flat, 1 inch
                          Paintbrush, No. 1 Liner
                          Paintbrush, No. 12 Flat
                          Paintbrush, No. 6 Flat
                          Sheer Ribbon, 1¼- inches wide, Green
                     Your Choice Of:
                          Candle, pillar, 4 inch
                          Candle, pillar, 8 inch
                          Candle, round, 3 inch
                          Clay pot, 2 inch
                          Clay pot, 3 inch
                          Clay saucer, 3 inch , 2
                          Clay saucer, 4 inch
                          Glue gun
                          Glue sticks
                     Around the House:
                          Paint palette or disposable plates
                          Paper towels
                          Water container

                     Cost of each project will vary depending on materials used.

 1.For 6-inch Candle: Use No. 12 flat brush to basecoat candle with Buttermilk.
Use No. 6
 flat brush to paint five vertical stripes with Pansy Lavender, 
evenly spaced around candle. Repeat using 1:2 mixture of Hauser Medium Green and water; 
use No. 1 liner to outline stripes with unmixed Hauser Medium Green. Fill Paint Writer 
with Black Plum and loosely outline Pansy Lavender stripes.
2.For 4-inch Candle: Use No. 12 flat brush to basecoat candle with Buttermilk. Load
pouncer with Baby Pink, Pansy Lavender and Country Blue. Pounce to create several
small clusters of flowers randomly over surface. Add several dots of Buttermilk to each
 cluster. Use No. 6 flat brush to paint two leaves for each cluster with Hauser Medium
Green. Fill Paint Writer with Black Plum; outline each cluster and add a dot between each.
 3.For Round Candle: Repeat instructions for 4-inch candle. Finish by painting entire candle
with 1:1 mixture of Hauser Medium Green and water.
4.For Candle Holders: Use No. 12 flat brush to basecoat all terra cotta pieces with Black
Plum. When dry, paint each piece with a 1:1 mixture of Buttermilk and water. Glue
bottoms of 4-inch saucer and 3-inch pot together. Glue bottoms of one 3-inch saucer and
2-inch pot together. Cut 20-inch ribbon in half and tie each into a shoestring bow around
base of two holders. Add candles as shown in photo.
Project Tips
  Clean paintbrushes with water and dry with paper towels before changing colors.
Use size of paintbrush appropriate for area to be painted. Allow paint to dry 
before continuing to next step.

Basecoat means to cover surface.
 A 1:1 mixture means to mix an equal part (amount) of one item with an 
equal part of the other. A 1:2 mixture means to mix one 
part of one item with two parts of the other, etc.
Before painting, clean each candle with rubbing alcohol. 
Mix paints 1:1 with Candle Painting Medium.
Dip tip of paintbrush handle in desired paint color to make dots.

Refer to photo for design placement.

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