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How to Make Candle Gel

The Formula:

95% White Mineral Oil 375* Degrees F Flash Point 200 Viscosity 
5%   CP9000 Thermoplastic Resin Powder

The Procedure: 

Mix Oil and Resin together and allow to stand for 60 minutes at
room temperature. Begin heating slowly to 200* degrees F.
Cook at 200F for 1 hour or until all lumps have dissolved,
stirring as needed. (Never exceed 220*F.) Add fragrance and
color if desired and pour. Makes crystal clear gel that 
burns five to seven times longer than wax. 

How to Make Gel Candles
STEP #1 You will only need a few simple tools, of which all
can usually be found in your kitchen. A metal spoon,
a scale, a measuring cup, and a crock pot with a
thermostat or a stovetop pan and a thermometer.
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STEP #2 Ingredients:Mineral Oil, CP9000 Resin, Wick and 
base,  Fragrance and color. (optional). Measure ingredients as 
follows. 2 Fluid Cups mineral oil, 25 Grams   CP9000 Resin. 
Mix and allow to set at room temprature for 1 hour, stirring occasionally.
STEP #3 Begin heating ingredients slowly bringing to
200-210 degrees F (Never exceed 220*F)and hold at this temp for 1 hour or
until the gel is completly smooth flowing. The consistancy of corn syrup.
STEP #4 Be sure to never let the temprature exceed 
220 degrees as this may scorch the gel. If gel does scorch 
it is worthless and no amount of fragrance can save it. Give up and start over.
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STEP #5 Stir the mixture often while cooking to to assure
proper mixture. If you dont have a crock pot be sure to watch
your temp on a thermometer. The gel may smoke slightly during the
process, this is not a cause for alarm unless smoke is excessive.
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STEP #6Just before you are ready  to pour add fragrance 
to suit (do not exceed 3%) as this will lower your
flash point to an unsafe level.
Color should be added now if desired.
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Just a Safety Note: Candle Gel will 
flashover~burn~catch fire
when hot enough (Aprox 225 degrees F).
Always keep a fire extinguisher handy. It should be in your kitchen anyway! 
While we are on this topic of safety,  please remember you are working with 
some very hot solutions. These solutions can scald or burn skin. Protect your 
eyes and skin against splashes. Keep small children, pets and annoying people 
away from your work area. If you should get burned, treat it like any other burn  
and of course if you should get some in your eyes or enough of burn on 
your skin, see a doctor immediately. We can not be held liable for
any of these instructions. Use them at YOUR OWN RISK!
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